The Sivantos Italy team ran record times for the Make a Wish Foundation at the Milan Marathon 2018.

Have you seen what we do locally?

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SDG 3: Good health and well being

(April 2018, IT, see picture above) Sivantos Italy participated in the 18th Milan Marathon. Four runners, Guido, Simone, Angelo, and Davide ran record times to support the charity organization “Make a Wish”. The Foundation helps terminally ill children to make their biggest wish come true. The donations from the marathon will support 15-year-old Marco, who dreams of visiting wild animals like lemurs, chameleons and baobabs. They will also help 10-year-old Valentina to fulfill her biggest wish: to meet the characters of her favorite cartons in Disneyland Paris.

(August 2018, CAN, see picture below) Our Sivantos colleagues in Canada participate in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. The ride is a two-day cycling journey along the majestic Canadian Rockies, and although the 19th got rained out our team bravely took on the challenge on the 18th. The event takes place annually in various locations across Canada and Australia and sees thousands of people ride over 200 kilometres (120 mi). The seven riders from Sivantos donate almost 5,000 Canadian Dollar (around 3,830 USD) and are able to raise 17,000 CAD (around 13,000 USD) for the charity.

Charity Ride to Conquer Cancer_3840x1280px
Our seven riders from Sivantos Canada are able to raise 17,000 CAD (around 13,000 USD) for the charity.

Passionate Athletes

(June 2018, AU, see picture below) The MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride has been part of the Brisbane cycling scene for over two decades, and is becoming more and more successful. This challenge is an annual 10 to 100km bike ride that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis research and treatment. Plenty of cyclists take part – this year including a Sivantos team of five. They chose the 100-km ride to Cleveland and back, and gathered at 5:30 am in the morning to participate. It was a chilly 6 degrees on this Sunday morning but they headed out to brave the cold. Sivantos in Australia also helped raise funds, selling tickets at AU$ 2 each and a winning ticket-holder securing AU$ 100 with an additional AU$ 100 going to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. To date, the Sivantos Team has raised a total of AU$ 850 (approx. US$ 627).

(May 2018, UK) Sivantos UK has been matching charity fundraising of its employees since 2014. In that time the company and employees have raised over £17,000 (approx US$ 22,233). Two of our team members, Andrew and Lynda Feldmanis, recently took part in the half marathon “Run Gatwick” and ran in aid of St Catherine’s, a local hospice. Andy and Lynda both achieved personal best times and raised £194.90 (approx. US$ 255) which was matched by Sivantos UK to achieve a total of £389.80  (approx. US$ 510).

Sivantos UK strives to give back to the local community wherever it can and encourages its employees to participate in charity events. A big Thank you to Andrew and Lynda!

Coworkers in Australia gathered in the morning on June 17th, 2018 to participate in the MS charity bike challenge “Brissie to the Bay”.

Giving back to the community

(July 2018, USA) Giving back to the community – such was the motivation behind Sivantos US’ decision to host the “Signia US Summer Blood Drive” this July. Accidents, surgeries or sicknesses can happen to anyone. In these situations, blood donations can be instrumental in treating patients or even saving lives. According to the American Red Cross,


every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood.To help these people, employees from Sivantos US decided to host a blood drive. The event took place in a specially equipped truck from the New York Blood Center. Altogether, 28 people decided to participate.

A big thank you to New York Blood Center and to all who donated!

Sivantos US employees after they donated blood at the "Signia US Summer Blood Drive".

Learning by staying healthy

(March 2018, ZA) Nothing teaches us better than our own experience. To contribute to the hearing health care of their staff and improve understanding of this specific field within their business, our office in South Africa offered a free screening for all employees. When would hearing aids need to be fitted?  How does the degree of hearing loss determine important information when hearing care professionals order hearing aids? Why is it so important to assist them?

All these and more questions are now answered by own experience. Audiology & Marketing Manager Ananda Naude, who volunteered to train her co-workers: “Observing their reaction to the screening test and discussing the results reminded me why it is important to invest in hearing health and awareness.”  Employees, sharing their snapshots on social media further spread the message and raised awareness for hearing loss.

Health is an important matter to Sivantos. That’s why our office in South Africa offered a free hearing screening for all employees.

Helping people seek help

(March 2018, US) The average person waits nearly seven years from the onset of hearing loss until they seek help. To tackle this problem, Sivantos works to raise awareness of hearing loss and the risks associated with waiting to address it. In the US, we launched a new video series It’s Your Choice that follows three individuals with hearing loss and their path to better hearing.

Harvey Patterson from Los Angeles, Danyell Schendis from Memphis, and Robert Seidler from Florida all received free hearing aids in exchange for their participation in the project. These stories serve as an inspiration for others and encourage more people to seek help to improve their hearing

"I am excited to go try everything. I can't wait to get outside", says Robert Seidler from Florida, US after having received his hearing aids.


– 2017 – 

Supporting those who need it most

(November 2017, SG) A Saturday in November… close to 300 employees and family members walked 3km for charity. This annual event is held in partnership with the local Children Charities Association (CAA) in Singapore. In 2017, Sivantos even became the main sponsor of the walkathon and donated more than US$ 25,000 to make the Walkathon possible. The donation paid off and CCA Singapore managed to raise nearly double the amount we invested –  US$ 42,104.40 to be exact. With this funding, the CCA will be able to continue to support its more than 65,000 beneficiaries.

(June 2017, AU) Each year Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Queensland holds a cycling event called “Brissie to the Bay!” This challenge is an annual 10 to 100km bike ride that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis research and treatment. In 2017, Sivantos Australia entered a team of 10 to take part in the ride to raise money and awareness for MS, a disease of the central nervous system which affects more young people than any other acquired chronic neurological disease. For this good cause, the cyclists completed the 100km course on a sunny winter’s day in Brisbane.

Sivantos employees and their family members at the Walkathon in Singapore 2017.

We allow better access to hearing care and treatment

(September 2017, CN) Our CSR efforts are strengthened through collaboration with the civil sector and other institutions. In cooperation with the China Foundation for Disabled Persons (CFDP), Sivantos China has donated 15 million RMB (approx. US$ 2.4M) in funds and hearing aids as part of a charity activation called “Signia Colorful Sound”.

The goal is that people living in the western region of China have better access to hearing care and treatment. The cash donation will be used toward education and rehabilitation, and will benefit more than 300 impoverished children living with hearing loss. The donated hearing aids will be provided to adults in the region. Sivantos has been cooperating with the CFDP since 1997.


Sponsoring local events

(March 2017, JP) Are you familiar with deaf soccer? On March 16th, the first International Deaf Futsal Challenge Cup took place in Japan in order to raise awareness for deaf sports. Sponsored by the Japanese Deaf Soccer Association and Sivantos, five participants equipped with Signia hearing aids took part in the tournament. They said that although they mainly use RIC / BTEs in their daily lives, they tend to prefer ITE hearing aids during sports since sweat and sudden movements could be problematic for other hearing aids. The team showed incredible sprit and Sivantos is proud to support such an inspiring success story.

(March 2018, ZA) Sivantos supports individuals in need of quality hearing aids and professional care to ensure their well-being. We have worked closely with the public sector and sponsored local events, offering early screening sessions, workshops on maintenance, and care for hearing aids. As part of a World Hearing Day initiative, the South African Association of Audiologists wanted to break the world record for the most hearing tests done in a single eight-hour day. And they did! Altogether, 885 people had their hearing tested. We supported the event with supplies and publicity campaigns.

Attract more attention to deaf sports - that was the goal of the first international Deaf Futsal Challenge Cup 2017 in Japan.

Drawing attention to hearing health care

(September 2017, IT) In 2017, Sivantos joined the national association “Nonno Ascoltami” (in English Grandpa, listen to me) to sponsor the campaign “Ascolta responsabilmente” (hear responsibly), a journey into the world of hearing that aims to raise awareness for hearing loss and how to prevent it. Sivantos Italy chose a 15-meter truck equipped with multimedia tools providing the visitors with current information on hearing care and hearing loss solutions in a new and positive way.

(September 2017, BR) To raise awareness for hearing loss prevention, the renowned University of Medical Sciences of São Paulo organizes an annual “Silence Walk” on September 27th, one day after Brazil’s National Day of Hearing Impairment. Bringing local communities closer to topics related to hearing loss, Sivantos volunteers participate in the three-hours walk. Altogether, the event had more than 500 visitors and gained attention from Brazilian news outlets.

More than 1,000 people visited the truck in 6 Italian cities and experienced hearing loss simulations and other offers.

Supporting good causes

(April 2017, CA) In April, Sivantos Canada introduced TeleCare, a full live remote tuning system that allows HCPs to fine-tune patients’ hearing aids. To celebrate this industry-changing invention, Sivantos decided to donate Can$ 150  (approx. US$ 120 ) per business account that signed up by the end of February 2018. A great sum of Can$ 17,000 (approx. US$ 13,600) was collected at the end of the initiative. Sivantos Canada decided to donate these funds to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research.

(September 2017, CN) The goal of our charitable activation called “Signia Colorful Sound” is that people living in the western region of China can have better access to hearing care and treatment. The cash donation will be used towards education and rehabilitation, and will benefit more than 300 impoverished children living with hearing loss. The donated hearing aids will be provided to adults in the region. Sivantos has been cooperating with the CFDP since 1997.

Jeff Malpass, CEO Sivantos Canada, hands over the check. Sivantos is proud to support the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Caner Research.

Striving to make people’s lives better

What is even more impressive? Seeing how our employees engage in their communities, proving that people in the hearing care industry genuinely strive to improve lives wherever they can. Here, a couple examples:

(March 2017, IN) The country has an estimated 18 million street children who have no access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, healthcare, or education. Subbarao Boppana, Global IT Organization at Sivantos and based in Piscataway, USA, took a small step in helping these children by initiating “Miles for Smiles 2017”.


With the support from colleagues at Sivantos locations across the globe and friends outside our organization, a considerable sum of US$ 3,475 was raised during a two-week campaign. Miles for Smiles 2017 ended with finishing the New York City Half Marathon on March 19th.


Finishing the New York City Half Marathon and thus helping street children in India: Subbarao Boppana.

Every activity counts

(February 2017, UK) Sivantos UK continues fundraising efforts by matching up to £250 (approx. US$ 355) of any funds raised by colleagues in the business. Over the last 2 years, an outstanding £5,219 (approx. US$ 7,400) has been donated to various local and national institutions. Most recently, Andy Rose, IT Manager Sivantos UK, completed the Brighton Half-Marathon and with Sivantos’ match, he raised £718.10 (approx. US$ 1,020) for The Alzheimer’s Society.

Andy began his training only in January and had never run more than 10 consecutive miles before. Despite adverse weather conditions, he managed to complete the 13-mile half marathon within his target time of 2 hours…. 1 hour 59 minutes and 44 seconds to be exact!

Another half marathon runner, supporting the Alzheimer's society: Andy Rose.