We learn and teach onward: that is key in developing our employees further, Singapore.

Do you also think education is key?

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SDG 4: Quality Education

At Sivantos, education goes beyond the classroom. To promote excellence and global exposure in audiology care and services in different communities.

Sivantos employees volunteer their skills and expertise through vocational training sessions to local audiologists and students in many countries around the world.

Sivantos invited students to attend the 45th Erlangen Colloquium, a two-day meeting of leading audiological scientists and developers, hosted by Sivantos.

(March 2018, DE) Sivantos has been a sponsor of the “Deutschlandstipendium” (Germany Scholarship) since 2012, and supports a student every year. This German government-introduced scholarship is intended to recognize outstanding achievements and to provide the best possible training.

Maximilian Kerner, one of the supported students, completed an internship and his bachelor thesis at our office in Erlangen.

His résumé about working at Sivantos is throughout positive: “I have gained a lot of know-how and would definitely recommend an internship with Sivantos to anyone.”

This year, Sivantos also invited students from different universities to attend the Erlangen Colloquium, a meeting of scientists and developers dedicated to audiology and hearing (see picture above).

Joining efforts to raise awareness for hearing loss

Sivantos Japan collaborates with the city of Yamato: A glimpse into the open seminar.

(February 2018, JP) At the end of February 2018, Sivantos Japan held – once again – the Yamato City Seminar. As a leading hearing company, we know how important it is to contribute to local government campaigns aimed at raising awareness for lesser discussed diseases, such as those associated with hearing loss. After a first successful collaboration the year before, Sivantos gladly joined efforts with the city of Yamato where our Japanese office is located and where many of our employees live.

Six of our employees volunteered for a full day to make this event possible. They talked to their visitors about important news surrounding hearing that  is not commonly known and about ways to treat hearing difficulties. Local news was also there to learn about hearing loss and cover the event.

Creating opportunities for people with disabilities

(April 2018, SG) People with disabilities have always been a respected part of Sivantos’ workforce. While some of our employees are hard of hearing and understand what it means to wear hearing aids, others have mastered different challenges in their lives. One such example is Suleiman from manufacturing in Singapore. Suleiman has worked for Sivantos for almost 30 years with a physical disability and his story is to be broadcast in a Channel News Asia documentary later in 2018.

(picture below) Our most recent example is in the hiring and educating two trainees with intellectual disabilities from Hearts@work, a project initiated by the Catholic Welfare Service in Singapore. In support of this initiative, Sivantos educates Karen and Jia Wei to do some of the packing at our factory. We invited these trainees and their family members to our Open House in January. A special moment: for them, their family members, and for Sivantos.

Karen (l.) and Jia Wei, two trainees with an intellectual disability, have recently been hired and now do some of the packing for the company in Singapore.

Our previous impacts:

Sivantos Group CEO (till 2016) Roger Radke hands over the check to the National University of Singapore in 2012.

(October 2013, SG) To promote innovation and research excellence in audiology, Sivantos donated S$ 19.5 million (approx. US$ 14.9m) towards establishing a postgraduate Audiology program at Singapore’s National University. The donation covers the first SMART classroom for Audiology in Southeast Asia.

The new degree aims to increase the talent pool of locally educated audiologists to meet the growing need for the Audiology profession.

Sivantos also offers scholarships and monthly stipends for some students since the program opened its doors in 2013. Mr. Chua, one of these pioneers who completed the degree in 2015, now works as an audiologist at the Changi General Hospital. He praises the course saying, “We were able to do clinical work, research, and even some public health education.”

Supporting future hearing care professionals

Supporting future hearing care professionals is a goal at Rexton as well, here in Singapore.

(May 2016, Rexton) Supporting the new generation of hearing care professionals is important to all of us – as it is for Rexton, the Sivantos brand specializing in delivering outstanding personalized services to hearing care professionals.

This is why Rexton recently introduced a US$ 60,000 scholarship program for Audiology students in the US. Over a period of three years, four students will be selected each year to receive the US$ 5,000 scholarship, each.

Hearing Awareness Week in Singapore is just another great opportunity to get in touch with the people who can benefit from our solutions day by day.

Teaching about hearing

(October 2017, SG) Hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age, yet only few really know about this widespread phenomenon. To tackle this glaring discrepancy, an enthusiastic group of Sivantos volunteers organized the “Hearing Awareness Week” at the end of October 2017. More than 500 visitors at the Gateway Theatre in Singapore left with important insights into the causes of hearing loss – and their solutions.

Visitors took the opportunity to test their hearing, attend talks by audiologists, experience simulated hearing loss through fun activities, and have their ear canals inspected. Many of the attendees saw their ear canal through an otoscope for the first time and learned to better understand how hearing works and which kind of solutions there are to hear better again.