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We support the UN Global Compact and their sustainable development goals (SDG).

Thomas Hies, SVP Quality
Sivantos Australia participated in the charity bike challenge “Brissie to the Bay”, an annual 100km bike ride to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research & treatment.

We love to engage

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means that we recognize the impacts our activities have on our society, and act accordingly.

It is not only our responsibility, but also an opportunity for us to engage with our internal and external stakeholders on a new level.

In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set to be implemented by 2030. They characterize the sustainability debate at national and international levels.

As a global goals system, the SDGs provide a common language and compass for the challenges of the 21st century. We are glad to follow them wherever possible. From employees raising funds for multiple sclerosis to a multi-year university sponsorship program in Singapore, it is a broad-scope engagement that has been driven by the passion of our group and employees. As a recent signatory to the UN Global Compact, we are currently embarking on a review process of our existing policies and activities to see how we can best contribute.

Our journey is presented here.

SDGs we already contribute to

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We allow better access to hearing care and treatment

In China, Signia Colorful Sound gives the gift of hearing to those in need.

(September 2017, CN) Our CSR efforts are strengthened through collaboration with the civil sector and other institutions. In cooperation with the China Foundation for Disabled Persons (CFDP), Sivantos China has donated 15 million RMB (approx. US$ 2.4M) in funds and hearing aids as part of a charity activation called “Signia Colorful Sound”.

The goal is that people living in the western region of China have better access to hearing care and treatment. The cash donation will be used toward education and rehabilitation, and will benefit more than 300 impoverished children living with hearing loss. The donated hearing aids will be provided to adults in the region. Sivantos has been cooperating with the CFDP since 1997.

Raising awareness for hearing care

"I am excited to go try everything. I can't wait to get outside", says Robert Seidler from Florida, US after having received his hearing aids.

(March 2018, US) The average person waits nearly seven years from the onset of hearing loss until they seek help. To tackle this problem, Sivantos works to raise awareness of hearing loss and the risks associated with waiting to address it. In the US, we launched a new video series It’s Your Choice that follows three individuals with hearing loss and their path to better hearing. Harvey Patterson from Los Angeles, Danyell Schendis from Memphis, and Robert Seidler from Florida all received free hearing aids in exchange for their participation in the project. These stories serve as an inspiration for others and encourage more people to seek help to improve their hearing.

(January 2017, PL) Sivantos Poland established a national program called OPOS that focuses on how to protect one’s sense of hearing. In this context, Sivantos Poland also distributes the hearing care professional magazine “360°wokół ucha” (360° around the ear) to spread awareness on the importance of healthy hearing and to warn against harmful noise. In addition, the magazine contains advice about what to do if people notice symptoms of hearing loss. The articles are written for the common every day reader, and put complicated scientific jargon into everyday language.

Our annual Communication on Progress (COP)

Some of our latest activities

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S$ 19,5 million

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20 years

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