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Maarten Barmentlo, SVP Marketing Sivantos Group

Two of our engineers in our Wave Field Synthesis Lab in Erlangen, Germany.

We benefit from a heritage of innovation…

Our history / We most recently merged with Widex to become WS Audiology and we’re excited to take the next step with a brand new website: As Sivantos Group, we were founded as late as 2015.

However, we have been helping people with hearing loss for 140 years. Our roots date back to 1878, when Werner von Siemens developed a telephone receiver with substantially improved transmission quality.


Colleagues from Brazil document their smiles right before a customer event.

… and continued world’s firsts

Our reach / Today, Sivantos employs approx. 6,000 people in more than 25 countries – from AU (Australia) to ZA (South Africa). Our International Markets department serves customers in another 95 countries; that means you can buy our hearing aids practically anywhere. And in many parts of the world we have already built up market-leading positions.

We offer hearing aids branded Signia, Audio Service, Rexton and A&M. Accessories, fitting software, smartphone apps and diagnostics workflow, as well as service solutions also make up our portfolio. If you are interested in our brands you’ll find more information by visiting the “brands” chapter.

Our employees take pride in their work because they help to changes lives. Here, an Operations employee at his station in Poland.

Inventions / Development has long been, and will continue to be, our top priority. That’s why we have achieved so many “world’s firsts” in the hearing aid history, including the first hearing aid featuring a wireless system. Since becoming an independent company, we have increased investments in R&D so that our developers can focus on the best part: shaping the future. Most recently, we brought the world’s first SLIM-RIC HEARWEAR™ to the market: Styletto combines style with high-tech hearing.


Discovering new opportunities, going where nobody has gone before, that’s where we have fun. You might also be interested to know where our group’s name comes from:

The first two letters “S-I” represent our Siemens heritage. “Vantos” comes from the English word “vantage”, which means “a position that offers a strategic advantage, the commanding view”. This is precisely the position we’re aiming for, and intend to assume again in the industry: to be at the very top.

Hearing Aid Inventions

  • 29% Sivantos
  • 20% Competitor 1
  • 18% Competitor 2
  • 13% Competitor 3
  • 12% Competitor 4
  • 8% Competitor 5

Inventions = Patent applications related to one invention (“first filings”) 2009 – 2015. Total: 1511. Only patents referring to Hearing Aids.

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