Working with Sivantos

Operations and Supply Chain

Our Singaporean coworkers in Operations and Supply Chain work hands-on on the production of our life-changing hearing aids.

Our Operations team plays a vital role in serving our customers by an end to end committed approach: from sourcing to manufacturing, and delivering the end product.

Approximately 2,300 employees work in 3 manufacturing sites, 3 regional distribution centers and more than 10 local operational hubs. We are always striving for operational excellence.

“Our efforts are appreciated! Last year, two colleagues and I won a trip to our sister-production site in Poland, and some nice sightseeing!”

Ping Zhu, Operator, China

“I value our well-coordinated team, contact with the latest technologies, and being able to observe first-hand the great evolution of our company over the last few years.”

Damian Stachowiak, Operator, Poland