Canstar Blue Award for Most Satisfied Customers

Sivantos Australia received the 2018 Canstar Blue Award for Most Satisfied Customers in recognition of our Signia products.

In the survey, Canstar Blue, who is Australia’s premier research and expert ratings agency, assessed multiple hearing aids on the basis of effectiveness, comfort and fit, style and appearance, ease of use, value for money and overall customer satisfaction. Signia hearing aids took home a resounding five-star review in each of these categories.

Canstar Blue conducted this wide-ranging customer review across the diverse Australian market with the intent to assess the biggest brands in the hearing aids industry. In the review process, the opinions of hundreds of consumers in Australia, who currently own and use a hearing aid, were sought to find out which brands are rated highest by the people who use them day in, day out.

“This award is a significant recognition from the market, and our clients in Australia. The survey outcomes will also help Australians make more informed decisions in future”, says Paul Guthrie, Managing Director Sivantos Australia.

Canstar Blue is a well-recognized and trusted award in Australia associated with products and services achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The Canstar Blue brand is well known in Australia with 63 percent of Australians aware of the Canstar Blue brand and product rating results freely available to consumers on the Canstar Blue website. According to them, health projections indicate that nearly one in every four Australians will have some type of hearing loss by 2050, indicating the importance of good knowledge of hearing aids and the products available to consumers.



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