The work of Sales Managers in the US and in Turkey

When a Turkish Sales Manager went to California, US for vacation, he spontaneously asked an account manager in San Francisco if he could join her for one day. It turned out to be an exciting experience for both and a perfect opportunity to share ideas and best practices across continents.

Cheryl, Account Manager, US: It was wonderful meeting Senol! We went to a customer in San Francisco and I trained a group of 6 audiologists on the last phase of our Nx launch. We then stayed for additional time to train a new audiologist on Nx. From here we headed down to another customer, where I helped with a follow-up patient in a test trial of a pair of 7Nx Pure Charge&Go. I was able to resolve the issues and the patient left very happy.

Senol, National Sales Manager, TR: The customer we visited has 19 hearing aid centers and is a big account for the US. Cheryl was very professional and sympathetic, so all hearing care professionals listened to her very carefully. For me, it was a perfect chance to see how a sales manager works on an everyday basis in the US. Because that is what I see for the future in Turkey. The US market has had audiology college programs for years. In Turkey, the first hearing care professionals graduated in the field of audiology five years ago. So, in my daily work, I have to deal with hearing care professionals that do not have a professional audiological background – and still sell our hearing aids to them. But this also means that Turkey has a large potential in the future.

Cheryl: It was interesting for me to hear what a smaller market Turkey is. Senol enlightened me on how his territory reps function day-to-day with hearing care professionals who are not as professionally trained as the ones I work with. I have great respect for his daily work. It was a really nice day together and I look forward to seeing my colleague from Turkey again in the future!

Senol: I also really enjoyed the day. Cheryl has a great energy, thank you! I hope that she will come to Turkey one day so that we can exchange our experiences if we have more time together. I would really like to take her along on a typical day.


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