Sivantos Brazil joined the Walk of Silence in São Paolo

On 23rd September 2018, the Department of Speech and Hearing Therapy at the University of São Paolo organized the Walk of Silence, an annual event that aims to raise awareness for deafness and hearing loss. Sivantos helped to advertise the event, and two employees from our partner Communicare – the biggest reseller of our brand Signia in the country – one from Sivantos Brazil and ten audiologist partners participated.

Since its start 7 years ago Sivantos joined this event and as in previous years, around 250 participants came to set a sign and help raise awareness. “The Walk of Silence is an important event in Brazil, as it constitutes a celebration of the Day of the Deaf. The idea is to gather health professionals, family, friends and deaf people in order to shed light on the inclusion of the deaf in society and the stigma of deafness. In addition, there are concerns about the increase in hearing loss due to the use of headphones, especially in children and young people. During the walk, audiologists measured the volume of a music player and explained the implications of surpassing the recommended limits to an audience. Helping to hold an event like this makes us proud!”, Gisele Dos Santos, Product and Marketing Manager at Sivantos Brazil added.


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