Sivantos Group - A strong presence at EUHA

Representatives from the global audiology industry have convened in Hanover at the annual European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians Congress (EUHA), the year’s largest event for acousticians. Sivantos has a strong presence at EUHA, with a high profile for Signia and Audio Service. Our product highlight this year is Styletto, and it has been creating a lot of interest and conversation around its refined styling. It creates an opportunity for hearing care professionals to reach clients who never would have worn hearing aids before seeing Styletto’s design.


Customers, analysts, and journalists don’t just want to see Styletto; they want to know what is inside, and they want to feel the quality of its build in their hands.

Sivantos staff discusses TeleCare, our proven real-time remote service for best-in-class trial success, to a customer. With TeleCare, hearing care professionals can achieve higher customer satisfaction through remote tuning, CareChat, and virtual follow-ups that allow for more communication during the trial phase.

Following on our annual tradition, our International Sales Team welcomed more than 100 key Signia customers to an exclusive pre-EUHA event on Tuesday. Event highlights included Styletto and our latest digital marketing.

In the Styletto Experience show the new and stylish hearwear was worn by models on the catwalk presenting the new Signia hearing aids as a high-tech fashion item.

Signia invited customers to have their photograph taken alongside models; thanks to greenscreen technology, the resulting picture put the customers on the catwalk!

Our Audio Service booth spotlighted the new RIC Mood Li-Ion G5, which combines full connectivity, binaural data processing, and lithium-ion battery technology


For more infos and pictures about this year’s EUHA, follow our brands Signia and Audio Service.


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