TruHearing: Reducing Cost of Hearing Healthcare for Everyone

Hearing aids aren’t within the reach of many who need them. And although most people assume hearing aids are medical devices, hearing aids have not traditionally been covered by most health plans. In fact, the high out-of-pocket cost is continually cited as one of the top reasons that people with hearing loss don’t address it.

In the US, that changed in 2003 after Lindsay Atwood, Founder of TruHearing, took his father-in-law to get hearing aids. He was flabbergasted at the price and the fact that his father-in-law’s insurance didn’t provide any coverage or support. Soon after that experience, he partnered with a large regional health plan to create a program that would provide low, transparent, fixed-pricing on hearing aids for their members and help more people afford the hearing care they so badly needed.

The original TruHearing program was designed as a valued-added service that quickly expanded to many health plans across the US. In 2015, TruHearing evolved their program to include embedded benefit programs. Today, TruHearing partners with over 60 payer organizations, including national and regional health insurers, to offer a wide variety of programs that lower the cost of hearing aids while improving the quality of hearing healthcare. They’ve also built a nationwide network of over 6,000 provider locations and work directly with 6 of the world’s top hearing aid manufacturers.

The TruHearing vision:

  • To ensure that all health plans and benefit providers have a solution in place to help people get the hearing aids they need
  • To maintain status as the #1 hearing aid managed care solution in the U.S.
  • To increase access and affordability of hearing aids nationwide, so that they can help improve the health and wellbeing of all the people they serve

To make that vision a reality, they’re focused on providing excellent customer service; providing a seamless, low-cost experience; and helping all customers make an easy transition into adopting hearing aids, so they can experience all the health and social benefits they provide at a price they can afford.


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