Comunicare: Following new paths

In 2004 two Brazilian audiologists, Patricia Coradini and Daniele Bretanha Gonçalves da Silva, decided to start their carreers by creating a hearing aid company in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul with a clear focus on customer satisfaction. So, they resolved to have each and every potential customer test the instruments in their daily lives prior to purchasing the device – a completely new approach back then in Brazil. Thus, Comunicare was born.

Almost like in a fairy tale, the patients felt so convinced, that the company enjoyed considerable growth – simply because of the owners’ desire to do something different for the hearing aid wearers.

Five years later, Daniel Jaeger joined Comunicare as part owner and although having little background knowledge in this specific segment, through continuously sharing ideas with the staff, he managed to grow the company exponentially and continues to do so.

Today, with 14 years of history, Comunicare has 41 shops with 130 audiologists and partners working across the Brazilian market.

New processes are constantly created and implemented but the essence of Comunicare has remained the same since the very beginning: customer and employee satisfaction and excellence in auditory rehabilitation. On April 1, 2018, Sivantos Group became the majority shareholder of Comunicare Aparelhos Auditivos.  The partnership with Sivantos started in 2016 and its strengthening brought even more confidence to customers as well as to employees, suppliers and partners, because with the support of Sivantos, Comunicare will explore even more capacity to grow. Way to go!


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