Overcoming Tinnitus with the Help of Hearing aids

Mônica Ferreira, Gisele Munhóes, Sylvia Lia, the happy patient, Amanda Faria and Cristiane Alves (f.l.) from Sivantos Brazil.

Hearing aids are mostly used to counteract hearing loss, but they can also help to relieve tinnitus* noises. For the majority of people that suffer from both hearing loss and tinnitus, hearing aids can be the solution, as the amplification distracts the hearing aid wearer from the internal noise.

Sylvia Lia has suffered from severe hearing loss since her childhood, making sign language an important form of communication for her, and eventually leading her to work as a sign language teacher at the Medical Science College of Santa Casa, São Paulo.

However, her life changed one year ago when she began to suffer from chronical tinnitus, causing her nausea and headaches. She tried different pills and even started wearing earphones while playing music. Unfortunately, the ringing persisted. To cope with her tinnitus, Sylvia decided to seek professional help.

Gisele Dos Santos, Marketing and Product Manager of Sivantos Brazil, suggested trying out hearing aids. Dos Santos turned out to be right. The hearing aids’ technology completely and successfully masked Lia’s tinnitus. “Hearing aids actually help with tinnitus and this is a very important discovery as we clearly know that hearing aids help people to hear better, but they also have other functions. When it improves hearing, it also improves stimulus on the brain and decreases tinnitus production, discomfort and perception,” Dos Santos explained.

As tinnitus is a challenging experience, Sylvia would like to ensure that others suffering with the same issue learn about how hearing aids can improve their lives. Therefore, she encourages anyone searching for a solution to try them.



* Tinnitus is a disorder which affects people differently. While some hardly recognize it, for many others tinnitus becomes a real obstacle in their lives. Sleeping, concentration and emotional problems are the most reported side effects of tinnitus.

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