Meet Three Influencers Using Signia Hearing Aids

The first is the prominent German actor, photographer, and fashion expert, Manuel Cortez. Between photoshoots, film premiers and glamour events, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle by selling regional organic food at a farm shop in his hometown of Berlin, Cortez is always on the move. Sivantos’ very own Signia Styletto accompanies Cortez in his daily life.  In addition to their fashionable style, Cortez appreciates the ease of the devices’ lithium-ion battery and the portable charger.  [Link to Instagram profile]

Sara Yuri is a Japanese model and one of our Styletto wearers who has participated in interviews in which she articulates the daily struggles she and other hard of hearing face. She emphasizes the vast improvements she has experienced since using Styletto, including regaining the confidence she had lost. You can follow her on Instagram where she sometimes posts about this topic! [Link to Instagram profile]

Another influencer is Nishtha Dudeja, a Paralympic tennis player, multiple-time beauty pageant winner, and current Master student at the University of Mumbai. Since birth she has suffered from severe hearing loss and has had to overcome the many challenges that go along with hearing impairment. Currently, Dudeja uses the Signia Nx hearing aids having crossed all boundaries to be successful in her career.

As a perseverant, multi-talented and stylish young woman, Dudeja is just the perfect brand ambassador for our Signia products. Don’t be surprised if you bump into her at some of our inauguration events in India. You can also keep up with her on Instagram and Facebook. [Link to Instagram profile]



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