Signia Supports "Help for Little Ears"

Together, Signia and German Lions will enable many people with hearing loss to lead self-determined lives. Pictured here is an example of the work done by “Help for Little Ears” partner in Cambodia.
  • Signia cooperates with German Lions
  • The common goal is to help as many people with hearing loss as possible
  • Long-term cooperation planned

Hearing aids significantly improve the lives of people with hearing loss. But in many parts of the world, those affected cannot afford them. In Cambodia, for example, a hearing aid can assume the value of an entire farm. Signia, one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands, will work with the German Lions to provide people with hearing loss who are unable to afford hearing aids a chance to live independently.

The German Lions’ “Help for Little Ears” project proved to be the perfect solution. “The fact that it enables the hard of hearing to wear hearing aids worldwide, along with the German Lions’ high standards of local sustainability and competence, has convinced me”, Managing Director Signia Germany Christian Honsig, explained.

“Help for Little Ears” was founded in the 80s by an acoustician in East Frisia. Since 2010, the project has been run nationwide by the “Hilfswerk der Deutschen Lions e.V.” (HDL). The project is implemented by the Lions Club Kelkheim. Around 30,000 hearing aids have already been distributed to many parts of the world. In cooperation with the European Union of Hearing Acousticians (EUHA), it is ensured that all organizations with which the team “Help for Little Ears” work are trustworthy and work according to sustainable quality criteria.

The hearing aids, which in the future will often come from Sivantos, will be passed on to charitable aid organizations for suitable projects with hard of hearing people. On-site specialists adapt the devices to the oftentimes young patients individually. “The focus is on power devices that are easy to use,” said Wilfried Racke of the Lions Club Kelkheim.

The collaboration with the German Lions is long term.


About Signia

The hearing aid brand Signia was launched globally in 2016 by the former Siemens business unit Sivantos Group (today: WS Audiology). Signia has advanced to one of the top 3 hearing aid brands worldwide. Signia stands for innovation and has already launched four world’s firsts.In addition to state-of-the-art technology, Signia also delivers tools and apps to increase customer interaction and engagement on all levels of hearing aid management, allowing hearing care professionals and patients to get the most out of their hearing aids. More information can be found at


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