Sivantos research awarded prize at university conference in UK

Nadja Schinkel-Bielefeld, presenting the EMA-App and Sivantos’ latest findings on the representativeness of the data collected by this app.

The solution is an app for Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) to evaluate the real-life benefit of different hearing aid settings. The EMA app prompts participants at random times throughout the day to fill out a questionnaire about their current situation. In these surveys, participants are asked how they are doing with their hearing aids, i.e. their satisfaction, speech understanding, listening effort, localization ability and so on. They are also asked to describe their situation and their intent, i.e. whom or what they are listening to, what is in the background, what environment they are in. This reveals if hearing programs are as beneficial in specific situations as intended.  The concept for Sivantos’ EMA app was developed by Research Audiologist Nadja Schinkel-Bielefeld.

Study received poster prize

In June this year, one of the first studies with the EMA app was presented at the “Meeting on Internet and Audiology” at the University of Southampton, UK, and received a poster prize. In this study, Nadja, together with two students, analyzed differences between three hearing programs and evaluated whether their results really cover all the everyday situations in the lives of the test persons.

The poster prize winners are now invited to write an article to appear in a special issue of the American Journal of Audiology.


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